Biharu, Tanzania

Assessment Trip Summary

Project Overview

The EWB-GA Tanzania team has partnered with the community of Biharu and a non-governmental organization (NGO), MANLUKU Youth Development Initiatives, to rehabilitate the community’s existing water system. Originally designed to serve 3,000 people, the system can no longer provide an adequate volume of water for the 12,000 citizens of the Biharu Ward. The water source is gravity-fed over 7 km with no available water treatment.

Additional storage capacity is an absolute necessity, so our first step is to install a new water tank. Once plans for meeting demand have been implemented, water treatment will be integrated into the system. EWB-GA will address the issues by working closely with our in-country partners to ensure a human-centered design that best fits the community’s needs.

Community Overview

Biharu, a community known for its friendly and welcoming people, resides in rural northwestern Tanzania. The region’s primary language is Kiswahili, and the community supports itself from subsistence agriculture.

The Biharu Water Board oversees the local water system, including collecting fees and maintaining the water system. EWB-GA will work closely with the board to provide the training and resources necessary to ensure the project’s sustainability.

Current Project Status

The pandemic has prohibited the team from visiting the community, though some tasks have been implemented remotely. EWB-GA has successfully:

  • Conducted a hydrogeologic survey to identify potential sites for water well drilling in partnership with Jovial LTD
  • Completed water quality testing in partnership with the United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Water – Kigoma Zonal Water Quality Laboratory 
  • Provided support for the purchase of 35 handwashing stations for the community at the request of MANLUKU
  • Collaborated with MANLUKU to administer a world-renowned assessment tool, the Household Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) survey, to the community*

*The results of the HWISE survey administered in May 2021 determined that 95% of surveyed homes were water insecure. 

The Tanzania project team is made its first trip to Biharu in August 2022.

Getting Involved

The Tanzania team meets virtually on Tuesday evenings.

For more information or to get involved, please email tanzania@ewbgreateraustin.org.