About Us

About Us

The EWB Greater Austin Chapter improves the quality of life in our partner communities by implementing simple engineering technologies. While improving the standard of living of communities abroad, we also foster the development of future professionals from a wide range of academic and professional disciplines.

Core Values

Service First

EWB-USA commits to harnessing the skills of its volunteers to fulfill communities’ basic human needs. We provide the services that meet these needs without consideration of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

Trusted Partnerships

Trust forms the foundation of EWB-USA partnerships, which are achieved through transparency, integrity and respect for the contributions and capabilities of all parties. 

Sustainable Solutions 

Sustainability drives EWB-USA’s programs. We commit to community-driven projects. We equip our partner communities to maintain each project so it remains functional long after our commitment is fulfilled.

Growth & Learning 

EWB-USA fosters an environment of learning so our volunteers, community members and staff have the tools, training and passion to address the world’s most pressing challenges. We strive for our work to inspire others to learn more, do more, and become more. 

Conduct & Practices

EWB-USA holds paramount safety, security and ethical conduct. The volunteers and staff of EWB-USA are bound by the Member Code of Conduct and the engineers’ Code of Ethics. 

Stronger Together

The EWB-USA family is comprised of community members, students, professionals, universities, headquarters staff and a host of other supporters. We thrive off diversity and the collaborative pathways it provides. But most importantly, we pursue EWB-USA’s mission as one, with aligned goals and purpose.

History of EWB – Greater Austin Chapter

In 2009, the Central Texas professional chapter and the University of Texas at Austin student chapter merged to form Engineers Without Borders – Greater Austin. The inquisitiveness of younger members, combined with the expertise of tenured professionals, creates momentum that ensures optimal impact on our partner communities. Our extensive and diverse chapter allows for increased collaboration across the spectrum of experience needed to make our organization thrive.

Meet the Board of Directors

Lizzie Wilson – president@ewbgreateraustin.org

Director of Projects
Bradley McConnon – projects@ewbgreateraustin.org

Professional Director of Operations
Jenna Gardner – operations@ewbgreateraustin.org

Student Director of Operations
Sara Faulkner – operations@ewbgreateraustin.org

Director of Finance
Tiger Yang – finance@ewbgreateraustin.org

Director of Development
Micah Williamson – development@ewbgreateraustin.org

Water Trotter Chair
Ethan Plevak – watertrotter@ewbgreateraustin.org

City of Austin Project Lead
Divya G. – divyaxg@gmail.com

Tanzania Project Lead
Brian Landry – tanzania@ewbgreateraustin.org

Social Media Chair
Alexa Anderson – socialmedia@ewbgreateraustin.org