The power grid in Puerto Rico is prone to failures throughout the year and is particularly vulnerable when a natural disaster hits the island. This was evidenced by a yearlong power outage caused by Hurricane Maria as well as an outage in the southwest after the earthquakes that lasted several months. The existing energy grid in Puerto Rico is ailing and struggles to provide the necessary power to everyone on the island. Our client, Solar Responders, has a goal of installing solar and storage systems on all fire and EMS stations which will provide a source of redundant, reliable, and resilient power infrastructure to the community.

Our team, in partnership with EWB Puerto Rico, will strive to provide structural assessments, energy audits, and engineering support for each EMS station across Puerto Rico ahead of construction. This will allow for accurate installation estimates for the Solar Responder’s fundraising efforts, help ensure the safety of the first responders, and take the first crucial steps towards renewable emergency power for the stations when the grid fails.

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