Sieykin, Panama – Completed

Among the smallest and most impoverished indigenous groups in Panama, the Naso people number approximately 3,300 and are spread across eleven communities in the Bocas del Toro region of northwest Panama.  EWB-AUS has partnered with the community of Sieykin, which has a population of 400 people.  This project will support Naso self-sustenance through the improvement of their local infrastructure.

Through individual household interviews and community-wide meetings, we decided the principal objective of the project would be to reduce waterborne diseases by providing the community with potable drinking water, a reliable water distribution/storage system, health education, and eventually a safe sanitation infrastructure.

Jaboncillos Chicos, Mexico – Completed

Jaboncillos Chicos is a small community located in the Coahuila Desert, 25 miles south of Big Bend National Park. The community has limited access to clean water and had to truck in water from a nearby mountain spring. We have implemented a water distribution system involving underground piping and a solar-powered submersible pump that distributes potable water from the borehole to faucets at each home as well as to a storage tank. This was EWB-UT’s first completed project.

Mexico Computer Project – On Hold

EWB-AUS, in concert with the Rotary District 5840 Hunger Plus Committee of San Antonio, undertook a plan to install sustainable internet-enabled computers in the schools of several ejidos (rural communities) in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. These computers will help the students further their education and will be a source of information for the entire community. The prototype system was installed during January 2010 in the San Miguel ejido.  Unfortunately, due to the border violence, this project has been put on hold indefinitely.