Meeting Tonight, September 10th!

Hello EWB’ers and Friends,

The new semester just started, and our general meetings start with it. We are very excited for what we have planned for this semester. New projects, new collaborations, new members, and more of the good ol’ fashion zeal to help and innovate.
The new EWB is more inclusive than it has ever been, and although we are mainly engineers, we have room for anyone who would like to help and volunteer in any capacity, whether engineering or media, or planning, or any other skill that you might have. So, don’t limit this invitation only to your engineer friends, bring your other friends as well, bring your family members. We all can put our hands together and achieve more in much less time, than we would if we were divided.
This coming Tuesday the 10th, we will have our first general meeting of the semester. This will be a great time to meet our current members, and be introduced to what we do and who we are. It is also a great opportunity to network if you are a professional or a student.
The benefits that you get from joining our organization are amazing, and the way you feel after achieving what you set out to do by helping others is even more satisfying.
We will be meeting is the same place we have been meeting the last semester. University Presbyterian Church at 2203 San Antonio st. (by campus.)
We would love to see you there!
Oh! Also, there is free pizza 😉

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