Greater Austin Chapter at the National Conference

Four members of the EWB Austin chapter represented Austin at the EWB National Conference this year. Alice and Rob gave a well-attended talk and a second-place winning poster session about the Armadillo Petrifilm Incubator.


It was a great and educational experience which strengthened our enthusiasm for EWB. The Austin chapter supported our travel, and I hope we will help to send even more people next year.

Rob attended the pre-conference workshops on well-pumping and solar energy; Natalia attended the session on assessing structural damage after natural disasters. These were very educational workshops, that form a great bridge between theory and practice.

The conference was in Milwaukee, which was a beautiful and welcoming city. The conference was well-organized and perhaps better than previous regional conferences. The hotel was lovely and not too expensive, though we did double up on rooms to save money. The early-morning runs were well organized, fun, and nicely led by students and professors from local Universities.

EWB doesn’t waste money—there weren’t a lot of cookies or coffee for free at this conference, but there was a lot a camaraderie and community. The talks were all valuable, and ranged from how to invigorate a local student chapter to planning a water project for 10,000 in Guatemala.

Although some people may have preferred the Karaoke night, another highlight was the reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum, where the pictures here were taken.


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