Armadillo Update!

The Austin EWB Chapter’s Instrumentation group has been making a portable incubator for petrifim analysis for several years.  There recent version has been tested in the US a lot, but the Austin chapter has not needed to take it to a different country recently.
That changed on Friday, however. Joshua Knight, previously chief engineer of EWB USA, wanted to take the Armadillo to Iraq. We of course wanted to help him and also wanted to have him help us by testing it. So we worked very hard to ship it to him on time, and then UPS lost it. But then—they found it in time!  We hope Joshua is safely in Iraq now with the Armadillo, and we look forward to reports from him about it.
Incubator poster presented at the 2016 SCSE Regional Conference in Altanta (Oct 2016) Download a full version of the poster here (PDF). 

Learn more about the Armadillo here.

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