Water Trotter Urban Challenge



April 26th 10 AM at Scholz Garten



The Water Trotter Urban Challenge is a fun and exciting urban scavenger hunt over a distance of approximately three miles that challenges teams to find checkpoints and answer clues which highlight the importance of clean water for developing countries and tests your local knowledge of Austin.

Proceeds will benefit our programs in Panama and Peru.

Each Team will consist of two participants.  At least one participant has to be over 18 years in age. Each participant will have to fill out a separate online form / application. The first member of a team can sign up and create a team from this website and the second team member can sign up by joining that team.

Sign up for the Water Trotter Urban Challenge at  https://wtuc-ewbga.eventbrite.com

Fees  (Until March 31st, 2014  / April 2014)

1. Parent and Child (12 & under): $30 / $40

2. Parent and Child (13 & older): $30 / $40

3. All College Students: $30 / $40

4. All Engineers: $40 / $50

5. Open: $40 / $50

Teams are encouraged to participate in costumes.

An event T-shirt, lunch (from Scholz Garten) and a goodie bag will be provided for each participant. Prizes will be awarded to the first team in each category.

The Rules, Sample Clues and Answers for the Water Trotter Urban Challenge are here.


  1. Each Team must complete Nine (9) of the Twelve (12) provided Challenges.
  2. Eacth Team will be required to have two (2) Participants. Each Participant has to sign up separately on the Active.com web site.
  3. Challenge clues will be provided to all Teams at 10 AM.
  4. All Challenge clues are within walking distance of Scholz Garten.
  5. Teams must check in at Scholz Garten once the required number of challenges is complete.
  6. You must obey all laws, travel in a safe manner, exercise caution and respect our City as you compete.
  7. Upon completion of the Challenge, EWB Austin will check each Team in by confirming answer / clue sheets and digital pictures.
  8. Teams are encouraged to use smart phones, tablets and laptops during the race. You are permitted to call others for assistance during the race.
  9. Pictures to be used as answers may be on Participants’ smart phones or digital cameras.
  10. No use of motorized transport (cars, buses etc), bicycles or skateboards is permitted.
  11. Participants may not change or hide any of the answers so that other teams would be hindered from finishing their quest.


  1. Wear comfortable clothing
  2. Use sunscreen
  3. Adequately hydrate before, during and after the Challenge
  4. Have a whole lotta fun!

Prizes will be offered for the following categories of Teams

  1. First team of a Parent and Child (12 & under)
  2. First team of a Parent and Child (13 & older)
  3. First team of all College Students
  4. First team of all Engineers
  5. First team for the Open Category

Sample Challenges / Clues (Answers given below):

1. Take a picture of your team mate standing on the Star of Texas that is right beneath a large dome in Austin.

2. Find the iconic statue with three horses coming out of a water fountain within Austin and find three others to make a group of five and take a picture at this location.

3. Find our volunteers seated in the South Lawn of the Tower and look at their map and guess which two countries EWB-USA Greater Austin currently has projects in.  Write the corresponding numbers and names of the two countries on your clue sheet.


Answers to Sample Clues:

1. The star that is on the ground floor of the CapitalBuilding.  For example:








2. The statue is at the South Lawn of the UT Tower grounds.


3. EWB-USA Greater Austin volunteers will have a map of the Americas and have numbers on the various countries. This will require the participants to use their smart phones, tablets or call a friend to access our EWB-USA Greater Austin website. The participants will have to write the numbers and names of the two countries (Panama and Peru) corresponding to our projects.





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Click HERE for more information on our Panama Project





Click HERE for more information on Peru Project

Questions? Email: finance@ewbgreateraustin.org